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RGB LED Triangular Light Panels

RGB LED Triangular Light Panels

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Unique Lighting Effects:

RGB technology for dazzling, multicolored displays
Transparent shell creates a unique fluorescent glow on walls
Easy installation—no screws required, just stick it onto the wall

DIY Shapes:

6-16 triangle light panels with connection ports
Endless possibilities for personalized patterns and color combinations
Express your imagination in one-of-a-kind wall decor

Syncs with Music:

Designed to sync with music, movies, and games
Real-time reaction to sound creates a captivating symphony of light
Elevates gaming sessions and parties with dynamic lighting

APP & Remote Control:

Triangle LED lights offer 16 million+ colors for indoor ambiance
Explore rich animated effects through the user-friendly app
Instantly change your mood with a tap using the remote control or app

Quality Assurance:

Rigorous quality inspection ensures top-tier performance
Hassle-free experience with included user instructions
For support or defects, contact our team at Illuminate your space with confidence!

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