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3D Moon Lamp

3D Moon Lamp

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The Moon Lamp serves as an ideal nocturnal illumination source for sleep or late-night caregiving, creating a soothing ambiance for both infants and families alike. Its application extends beyond the domestic realm, transforming various environments with its decorative and serene glow, making it a perfect addition to courtyards, bedrooms, gatherings, and more.


Fabricated from FDA-approved PLA, the Moon Lamp boasts exceptional durability, evidenced by its successful survival of a rigorous 90-foot drop test. Specifically designed with safety in mind, it emits a non-flickering, cool LED light suitable for tasks such as reading or relaxation, featuring customizable brightness settings.


1:1 Model of the moon

Our dedicated team meticulously crafted moon-shaped luminaries utilizing advanced 3D printing technology for an extensive 26-hour duration. The realism achieved in the lunar surface details is a testament to our utilization of precise NASA satellite data. These lunar replicas are powered by a rechargeable battery, with a mere 2-hour charging time, offering an impressive illumination span of 10 hours.

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