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Portable Mini Blender

Portable Mini Blender

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Introducing the Portable Mini Blender: A compact powerhouse designed to revolutionize your juicing routine. Meticulously engineered with expert precision, this stylish appliance seamlessly blends form and function. Discover why our Portable Mini Juicer stands out:

Powerful Performance:
Experience the exceptional with a robust 140W motor, delivering a maximum juice output of 400mL and below in a single operation. This portable marvel is your ideal companion for daily juicing needs.

Efficient Pulp Management:
Equipped with a pulp residue box boasting a capacity of 500ml or less, including 500ml, our Portable Mini Juicer ensures a clean and hassle-free juicing process, letting you savor the pure goodness of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Versatile Functions:
Beyond juicing, our Portable Mini Juicer is a multitasking dynamo. Squeeze, stir, beat eggs, and make milkshakes effortlessly. This compact appliance adds culinary finesse to your kitchen, making it a must-have for any home chef also allowing you to have fresh drinks if you are on the go!

Rapid Speeds, Maximum Efficiency:
Juice at the speed of innovation with a maximum speed ranging from 20001 rpm to 22000 rpm. Our Portable Mini Juicer guarantees swift and efficient juicing every time.

Slick Design, Elegant Colors:
Available in a sophisticated dark blue and white color combination, our Portable Mini Juicer effortlessly integrates into any kitchen aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to your countertop.

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