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Intelligent G Night Lamp

Intelligent G Night Lamp

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Introducing our Multifunctional Wireless Charging Atmosphere Light: A cutting-edge lamp designed to elevate your living space with its versatile features. More than just an atmosphere light, this lamp boasts a host of functionalities, including 15W fast wireless charging, a Bluetooth speaker, music player, sleep aid, bedside companion, glare effect, Bluetooth audio connectivity, clock, and alarm clock.

Comfortable Wake-up Mode:

Experience a personalized wake-up routine like never before. With the accompanying app, you have the power to customize the sound, volume, light color, and brightness. Craft your own healthy sleep and wake-up environment to start and end your day on a soothing note.

Smart Light Control:

Take command of your ambiance with our smart table lamp. Whether it's through the user-friendly app, voice commands, remote control, or traditional button control, the options are as diverse as your preferences. Achieve the perfect lighting conditions with dimmable functionality, adjusting brightness from 1 to 100%, and effortlessly tailor the light color to match various moods.

Dimmable Mood Light (RGB):

A simple click of the bulb button opens up a world of possibilities. Seamlessly switch between 10 different light color modes to set the tone for any occasion. From warm and cozy to vibrant and energetic, this lamp adapts to your desires with ease.

Perfect Decoration and Gift:

Beyond its functional prowess, our Multifunctional Wireless Charging Atmosphere Light doubles as a perfect decorative accent. Whether gracing your bedside, bedroom, living room, or office, this mood light adds a touch of elegance to any space. Elevate your environment, or surprise a loved one with a gift that merges technology and aesthetics seamlessly. Let the ambiance of light redefine your space.


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